Materials & Hardware 
My soundboards are made from either Western Red Cedar or Engelmann Spruce, both sourced from a very consistent supply in British Columbia.
Both are of the highest quality and the choice is determined by the underlying tonal characteristic you seek - cedar for extra warmth, spruce for ultimate clarity.

Back and sides
I offer a number of choices for back and side timber. Indian Rosewood is the traditional choice for its acoustic and visual warmth. I also offer a number of Australian hardwoods which are increasingly being recognised by luthiers around the world as excellent tonewoods. Australian Blackwood is probably the best known of these. It is related to, and considered to be every bit as good as, Hawaiian Koa. I am pleased to be able to offer currently a range of beautifully figured Australian Blackwood which is both acoustically and visually stunning. Tiger Myrtle is quite rare and can be sourced from only one small area in Northern Tasmania. With black medullary stripes against a background of orange, salmon pink and gold it is a very striking and beautiful timber. Australian Cedar has long been prized as a cabinet timber because of its rich, russet brown colour and silky lustre. It is also an excellent choice for back and sides. Other timbers may be available on a special order basis.

I use a number of timbers for necks including Australian Cedar, Australian Blackwood and Makore. All are stable, straight-grained timbers and the choice is largely determined by the choice of timber for back and sides.

I fit Gotoh and Rubner tuning machines as standard fitments. Both are excellent machines offering very good quality at a reasonable price. Other fitments are available at additional cost.

Fretboard and Bridge
There is a choice of ebony or Indian Rosewood for the fretboard. Bridges are Indian Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood, Macassar Ebony or Padauk.

The choice of timbers for bindings and headstock includes ebony, macassar ebony, tiger myrtle, and blackwood. The choice of materials for back and sides will determine the binding and headstock veneer materials.